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About Astral Oracles

Welcome to the realm of the Astral Oracles!

Here you can find the wonderful creations of Mint, Scherana, Ash, Misha, Ephah and Ephelides!


Our Oracle's provide FREE mods in various forms. You can search under the various categories on the site to find whatever you seek.


We are forever learning and always improving to offer the best quality mods we possibly can. If you like our mods, we would love to see you use them by sharing screenshots within our discord and via social media with our hashtag


We love creating Mods for everyone to enjoy. All we ask is to respect our terms.
- no content is to be used in any paid/paywall content.
- permission must be granted by an Oracle to convert content to other bodies.
- no converting NSFW mods to Lalafell under any circumstances
- do not reupload our content without permission. Sending a link is fine
- our textures are not resources, unless in the resource section of our website.

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