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Mint, the Star

Hi hi random peoplez, welcome!

Nice to meet you all that decided to stop by and actually got curious to read the intro. I started my modding journey about ... like.. maybe a year or a bit more ago >_< I still remember those days when I'd see all those awesome Titan shirts & dresses, try them on and be like: wait a minute why the hell do I suddenly got melon boobs? I painfully hunted for medium downscales. In the end it took me like 2 weeks at least to find Mae who agreed to actually downscale a couple of them shirts for me and that was a big relief. But it got me thinking. Is this how it's gonna always be? And the thought just... wasn't very appealing, so I decided I'd give it a go. Pestered people to no end, and eventually with a lot of help from Moogle Mom, Mae & Alexstraza I've managed my very own very personal and omg pretty cringy downscale. And now If you go to my XMA profile, you'll see I've done quite a few TF downscales and some extra thingies on the side. But of course there came a time when I was like: well okay, am I gonna spend my whole life oggling boobs in 3ds? O_O' Well no, From there I learned how to move items from number to number within the race (basic af yes, but a lot of people get confused at first lol) and then came raceports, and the horror of cat ears ^^' OH! and then that star wars braids thing happened ^^ And the rest is history...

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scherana, the moon

Hi there! My name is Scherana (Scher for short). I have been making free mods for the XIV Online MMORPG, working in blender, marvelous designer and substance painter for 3 years now. All my creations for the last 2 years have been made from scratch with a strong focus on quality, variations and following my dream to create more fantasy outfits.



You can find a wild assortment of stuff on the website or in my WIPs like jewelry, face paints, clothes, skin diffuses, accessories, hair, props and more. I wanna improve each and every day, so I often challenge myself which you can observe in the discord or in the released mods. Modding and teaching are passions for me which I follow with a burning heart and an endless devotion.

Modding and also teaching are passions for me which I follow with a burning heart and an endless devotion.

Ports are not something I will be focusing on, with perhaps the exception on some Vanilla edits which will offer a high degree of variation. Don't believe me? Check the Nophica dress.


My aesthetic: I try to go for witchy, gothic but still elegant. Teasing but not overall lewd and if it's see through it's still "with charm"

So if you are on IG just tag me with #astraloraclesmods , #scheranamods or #aomods. I would love to see that my stuff is not only liked but worn as well!

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ash, the comet

Hey all!

Welcome to Comet Graphics! Little about myself! I am mostly a self taught graphic designer and art enthusiast. I generally create logos, banners, and do photo manipulation. I use a variety of programs within the Adobe realm. I have done professional work as a freelancer and been working in graphic design now for about 4 years.

I bring you Comet Graphics to share art, designs, free assets, and tutorials on a variety of techniques and links to a variety of assets that are free. If you make a request, please note I have a regular job outside of this and this completely in my free time.

Please be patient if I am already working on a project for someone. Last but not least! It will be a great pleasure and fun to provide graphics to AO and its followers!


Happy designing!

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misha, the zinnia


I'm Misha.

Like most people who've found a home on the internet, I'm a neurodivergent hot mess. I ended up stumbling into the modding scene near the end of 2020, when the Astral Oracles took me under their wing, offering me the knowledge and the support I needed to create to my heart's content. What started as a basic wish to simply port my own hair eventually evolved into a love for 3d modeling, and now I make whatever I feel like making, and do my best to help pass on what experience I've gained to others.

I have no real aesthetic. I like lots of things and lots of styles, although I do tend to lean toward fantasy more often than not. I'm not the quickest creator, I'm certainly still learning as I go, and I'm definitely not perfect by any stretch of the imagination -- to me, creating mods is about having fun and keeping my brain stimulated, and so I'm never going to treat it as though it's a job or obligation. I simply do it because I enjoy learning new things!


Therefore, I don't do commissions and I will never charge for my mods.

If you enjoy something I made, that's all the reward I need!

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Ephah, the cronos

Hey everyone!
My name is Ephah, and I have been a 3D modeler since 2018. I’ve first started out creating stuff just to see what it was like, then I ventured into creating models in VRChat up until the end of 2021 where I got introduced to Final Fantasy XIV. I take a lot of pride in my work, and I also have a small passion for teaching people techniques in creating their own stuff, especially core concepts. My passion is designing basically pretty much anything that I find challenging or interesting. Usually, I just browse social media or clothing and jewelry shops to find anything that catches my interest. If you are interested in getting into designing your own assets, feel free to ask me through social media.

I hope you will enjoy what I bring to the table here in Astral Oracles and have a wonderful day!

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Ephelides, the sun kissed

Hello there, I'm Ephelides, but you can call me Ephe or Hexa.


Honestly, self-descriptions are scary so let's just stay with I'm a shy sun kissed grumpy sarcastic redhead and the name Ephelides means exactly what i am - freckled. I came to AO as a tester, model and affiliate from making poses and pictures. I have a love for details and use modding and retexturing to get this and have a more natural result. What I share here with you are my handdrawn overlays and edits for skin, retextured ingame models and with the help of the other Oracles and their knowledge in 3D modeling also a few props for your pictures and screenshot ideas. Fair warning - I tend to make options. Many options.


What else? My preferred style is natural and casual and I get nightmares from broken bones in gpose :x That's it, enjoy!

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