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[S] 5-minutes guide series: How to add male viera model to male ears mods

5-minutes guide series:

How to add male viera model to male ears mods

This guide will show you a quick and easy way how to add male viera ear option to already existing MALE ear mods. Just be aware that the positioning with this method is automated by TT, you can though always simply readjust it in blender afterwards with the created model.

What will we do?

We are gonna check first the option if the male model is generated by TT when adjusting the metadata. If not, we will export and use the fmv to create the male viera model and import it into TT.


- Textools

Step 1

At first we want to make sure, the ears are not having the viera model, if you see not the option in the model tab, head over to the Metadata Tab.

In here check the racial models and tick Viera Male, after this hit SAVE (this is important, otherwise your changes won't be displayed in the model tab.

Now there can be 2 possible outcomes when checking the male viera model in the model tab:

  1. The male viera model is already showing the correct mesh -> you are done and don't need to move further

  2. The male viera model shows still the vanilla item -> then please head to Step 2


Step 2

If our male viera model is still showing the wrong mesh, we will use the built in FMV in TT to create fast and easy the missing model.

So head to the model of the Hyur Midlander Male (important! Since in general all models from the races with only some exceptions, originate from this one, male viera definitely does)


Step 3

A pop up window will open in which you need to change the Race to "Male Viera", wait until the model is generated then hit EXPORT. Give it a name and TT saved it.

The normal save path for TT for those models which are created is:


TT groups this models as FullModel under Saved


Step 4

Now with your exported model head back to the model tab and under the Male Viera Model. Click on IMPORT and import the model you just created by clicking the three dots [...] beside the shown data path, don't hit open editor, simply IMPORT.

The model will take 1:1 the same materials as the hyur midlander model and adjust to the viera head. If you are not fully satisfied with the outcome, you can always import it into blender and adjust it lightly.

Otherwise thank you for reading! If you have any further questions or critics, please contact me over my Discord Tag.

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