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[S] Astral's DIY Shirt Customization

Video Guide Tutorials

This guide will teach you how to make your very own motive on a not dyeable shirt base, provided in the Astral's DIY Shirt Kit.

Those videos are meant for total beginners and only cover the basics of the basics so everyone can play around with this resource!

What will we do?

We will add our own motive to the provided Base Shirt Diffuse


- Provided Materials (PSD Layout File)

- Textools

- Photoshop

- Provided Materials (SPP File)

- Textools

- Substance Painter

Materials needed:

Astral's DIY Shirt Kit
Download RAR • 92.26MB


- PSD File with Layout and prepared Layers

- Substance File with Base



Photoshop: How to step by step


Substance: How to step by step


Watch the videos this time ;)

If you have any issues or see something I missed, please contact me over my Discord Tag or join the server and hop in our help channel!

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