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[S] Body FAQ - Gen3 VS B+

Frequently asked questions, a summary

This document is not claiming to be any form of a complete or rounded guide to cover all possible and impossible questions about current body mods.

The purpose was to try and gather the most recently asked questions and personally encountered problems. To offer guidance on how things work.

This is a very simplified overview on the body mods, yes. However, this guide was created for those who enjoy modding but may not have a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of modding., simply the "users".

1. What bodies exist?

Currently you have two mostly used bases:

Titan Firm Gen 3 Body


Both of them have a ton of different additions, but the UV will be connected to the main body.

2. Why only those two? I saw more.

Those are the two bodies that define the most used UVs. What is a UV? A UV defines how the textures "lie" on your model (body). Nearly all other body mods originate from those two.

3. What is the difference?

What was just said, the UV, means that the textures from a tnf body won't fit to a b+ model and vice versa. Imagine it like that:

since the UV is different for both, they will never work on each other

4. Does that mean I need to decide and can wear only one body?

No, you can ALWAYS wear every gear mod with both bodies. Only exception are non gear mods like tatoos or skin diffuses.

5. So how can I use mods for both bodies?

Basically what you will need to do, is to save both textures for the body (compatibility patches) and "assign" the correct texture of the skin according to the body that is used.

So let's say you wear TF or any form of it. That means you will have the following Mat A -> Vanilla Texture (Gen2, symmetrical) (Bearbeitet) Mat B -> TF texture Mat C -> empty Mat D -> B+

the same follows for B+ mods except that:

Mat A -> Vanilla Texture (Gen2, symmetrical)

Mat B -> B+

Mat C -> coochie

Mat D -> TF

For being able to use whatever mod you have for your NON MAIN Body, it will use the texture on Material D

this means as Tnf User as main body -> you will have B+ texture on mat D as b+ user as main body -> you will have tf texture on mat D

6. Okay okay but how do I tell that TT?

You need to reassign the skin on the mod that you want to use the other texture with. You will have to first export the model and then reassign the skin group (which is in most cases group 0). If you are unsure, use the visiblity settings in the model view tab to check what group is which by clicking the drop down.

I will add here a picture Mint [the Star] made that shows it clear and on one pic.

7. Does this mean I need to install always both bodies?

NO! Only install ONE body mod which is your main body then, and then use the compatibility textures on your Material D to allow yourself to use the other body mods as well.

8. But it will be shown if I use only the texture?

Yes cause FF is build like your gear is not PLACED on the body, but the gear itself already HAS the body parts. When you check your gear in the model view in TT, you can see that there are always body parts with it. This means EACH mod gear wise comes already with a model that is part of the body, your only task is to tell TT to take the other skin when it is not your main body.

9. Will this ever be solved easier?

Maybe, maybe not, for now it is what is it, to quote a friend. Some modders are starting to offer the option to choose the material from which the skin texture is pulled. Which means you will have to pay attention what original body the modder used and then assign as explained above.

10. If I want a tattoo would I need to replace all Mat A, B and D then?

Frankly, yes, if you want to have the tattoo on all options no matter what you wear you will want a symmetrical version for Mat A (Vanilla). For the texture of your main body Mat B and then ofc also for the other body if you want to switch bodies for some gears (Mat D)

11. The tattoo modder doesn't provide all textures

Every modder follows their own preferences, you can always ask if they would do also the other bodies, but even if they refuse, Titan has a very detailed and easy to follow bake guide to get your tattoos across the different bodies and even to get it to Gen2 (Vanilla Mat A). The guide is also linked in our Discord and of course Titans.

12. What is baking in modding?

In our mentioned context, it simply means, you have your texture (tattoo) and "bake" it on the other body / skin texture so you can use it.