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[S] Converting nipple piercing from gear mod to accessory mod

Video Guide Tutorial

This guide will teach you how to convert a gear mod piece (in this case pasties from my nipple piercing collection) to an accessory mod (in this case on the slime earrings).

This video is meant for total beginners and I made sure to cover each process step so you should have no issues following it.

What will we do?

We will convert the nipple piercing from the bunny chief bustier to the slime earrings as example we will use the big pasties in heart form IMPORTANT

Please ALWAYS ask the original creator before editing an existing design and / or mesh before you do anything with it. If they say no, please accept so also. Thank you!

Tools: - Nipple Piercing Collection, download here

- Textools (TT)

- Blender (can be downloaded for free here:



The short keys I used in Blender:

H - Hiding

Delete - Deleting

right click in list > delete hierarchy (to delete all below listed objects as well)


Watch the video and if you have questions, come join the server ;) or if you want a more 1:1 explanation, you can book now lessons / help sessions on my kofi.

If you have any issues or see something I missed, please contact me over my Discord Tag or join the server and hop in our help channel!

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