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[S] Importing meshes from TT to Substance for Editing

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Video Guide Tutorial

This guide will teach you how to export and "prepare" meshes from TT so you can use and edit them in Substance Painter.

This video is meant for total beginners and only cover the basics of the basics so everyone can play around with this!

What will we do?

We will export a mesh (Mint's upcoming long shirt) from TT, change the UV location in Blender and then import it into Substance so we can play around with it. IMPORTANT

Please ALWAYS ask the original creator before editing an existing design and / or mesh before you do anything with it. If they say no, please accept so also. Thank you!


- Textools (TT)

- Blender (can be downloaded for free here:

- Substance Painter

Further Tools:

Link for the substance painter tools by Sel:

Old guide for substance beginners also by Sel:

Thank you a lot to Sel for allowing me to share those helpful links and tools!



The short key for moving the UV in Blender is: GY1

(G for moving, Y in direction of the y axis, 1 by one quadrant)

If you want to see what you could do design wise in Substance, check out my other tut HERE which gives the most common basics


Export the mesh from TT as fbx > open in Blender and move the UV from -1.1 to 1.1 > open the mesh in substance > load in the normal and diffuse if you want

If you have any issues or see something I missed, please contact me over my Discord Tag or join the server and hop in our help channel!

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