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[S] Last Stand Eyes

Video Guide Tutorial

This guide will teach you how to get a certain someone's eyes with the glow on your character.

What will we do?

We will change the eye texture and the shader on your existing face, sculpt, model etc. It will have a glow in the end and you can change the eye color with the colorset.


- Provided Materials (Normal, Multi, Colorset)

- Textools

- Blender (can be downloaded here:

Further Materials & Contributors

- Upscaled Eye Normal by Sofie / Kylie (find here also the full package:

- Nyaughty for helping me figure out the needed model change

- SE for their textures and colorset

- Mint for helping me testing as well


- by doing this tutorial you will use the ability to have odd eyes so different colored eyes on your character!

- if you never did something like this before, please before attempting make a fast backup modpack if anything screws up, so you have a possibility to go back!

Materials needed:

Last Stand Eyes-Materials
Download RAR • 122KB


- Eye Normal (Upscaled by Sofie / Kylie)

- Multi from SE; Upscaled by me

- Colorset from SE



Guide & Setup

IMPORTANT: When you make a material please ENABLE TRANSPARENCY

Colorset Addition:

- Row 16 will decide upon the "base" color of your eyes (green in this case by diffuse)

- Row 15 will decide upon the "glow" which comes through

Ingame Test


TexTools > Character > Your Race > Textures > Your face (1XX for second sub-race like mooncat etc) Material : Iri_a

More options > edit material > make it like the screenshot up there


Normal > import > Normal DDS

multi > import > Multi DDS

colorset > import > Colorset DDS

If you have any issues or see something I missed, please contact me over my Discord Tag or join the server and hop in our help channel!

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