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From your astral oracles the Cronos and the Moon we are bringing you today an ancient greek bride set which is fitted to our stars hair "The Wedding"

Wanted always to be a greek goddess? Now you can be it! Outshine olympus itself with this amazing set that lets you slip into the shoes of a real greek goddess!

All parts of this set are handmade by either Cronos or Moon or worked on together! The fitting hair is a wonderfully race port by our star!


The acessories: laurel, Necklace and earrings are for all females (including lala)

Dress and sandals are for tall females only

Helena of Troy (Bridal Dress) — Gown of Eternal Devotion (and all variants)
Demeter's Laurel — Veil of Eternal Devotion (and all variants)

Athena's Sandals — Bootlets of Eternal Devotion (and all variants)
Medusa's Choker — Anamnesis Choker (all variants)
Olympic Sword Bride — Moonlet Earring

 Please note this set was designed for Gen3



[AO] Bride of Olympus (Collaboration Set)

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