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  From the Astral Oracles coven (and our deliciously twisted partners) comes a Halloween collaboration: the FINAL REQUIEM—a nightmarish collection of pieces that bring to life(?) our beautiful, bloody Bride!

 What's her story? Who's wrong her? Will she satisfy her dark desires?

 That's for you to decide.

 Credit for original meshes go to Heir of Light (outfit, ripped by Scherana), Dark Souls and Tokami-Fuko (scythe), Nightcrawler (hair), Sofie and Kylie for the Hair Defined Miqote Ears, and Square Enix (props).

 Credit for the fantastically frightening body paint goes to Skadi!

 Credit for the superbly spooky poses goes to Mini!

 Requiem Dress — Gown of Eternal Devotion
 Requiem Veil — Veil of Eternal Devotion
 Requiem Gloves — Songbird Gloves
 Requiem Hair — Hair 105 (2 for Viera)
 Requiem Skull Lantern — Page 63 minion
 Requiem Bouquet — Wind-Up Cursor minion
 Requiem Scythe — Black Chocobo Minion and/or Heartless Staff
 Body Paint — Material B of Gen3 bodies (add it over character > body > Hyur Midlander Female > MATB)

 Please note this set was designed for Gen3 and may require the compatability patch to use with other body mods.



[AO] Final Requiem (Collaboration Set)

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