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From your astral oracles the Cronos and the Moon we are bringing you today the fitting ancient greek groom set which is in a complete wedding set with our "Bride of Olympus"

You think your are just as good as Hercules and Apollo? Now you have a set to prove it! Outshine olympus itself with this amazing set that lets you slip into the shoes of a real greek  god!

All parts of this set are handmade by either Cronos or Moon or worked on together! The shorts as only are a mesh by Tsar which he allowed us to retexture and use, thank you!


A special thank goes this time do a dear friend of me Fey! Check out his twitter if you love his pictures!


The acessories: laurel, Necklace and earrings are for all males (including lala, roe and hroth)

Toga, shorts and sandals are for midlander based males only (+Highlander)

Groom of Olympus (Groom Set) — Tailcoat/Slacks of Eternal Devotion (and all variants)
Apollo's Laurel — Flowercrown (and all variants)

Hermes' Sandals — Boots of Eternal Devotion (and all variants)
Ascelpius' Choker — Anamnesis Choker (all variants)
Olympic Sword Hero — Moonlet Earring

 Please note this set was designed for Gen3, and is fitted to TBSE by Tsar



[AO] Groom of Olympus (Collaboration Set)

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