Titan Firm for Large chest/Legs Gen 2 (May update in future) 
Boderlands 3, Gearbox for Mesh & Textures, Vucku for Rip

It's not perfect and there will be clipping with poses, due to how the mesh is I had to put the tights onto boots. Some weights may also look funky but perfect for Screenshots!

I tried my best with this and I really hope you like it. I didn't add the small fingerless gloves because we have plenty Similar.The hat will work with all Female
Diffuse item so is not dyeable, feel free to adjust textures to your liking.

[BBD] Mad Moxxi

  • Affects

    Clothing: Songbird hat, Scion Healers Robes, Scion Healers Highboots

  • Terms of Use

    Feel free to port to other items for Personal use. To release please DM me first.
    Do NOT use in any form of PAID CONTENT!

  • Download