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A little handmade comfy couch cushion (think of a 40x40 cm or 16x16 inch one) with various winter and xmas designs.

This is a small outtake of a little collection I'm working on atm, but I wanted to give you the xmas designs before and not after xmas. Enjoy.

    [F0X] Comfy Couch Cushion - Winter Edition (Standalone)

    • Affects

      • Wind-up Cursor
    • Terms of Use

      • You are allowed to edit the files for your own private usage.
      • You are not allowed to edit / copy my files and publish them as your own. If you like to use them for a mod contact me before you do it.
      • You are not allowed to reupload my files.
      • You are not allowed to use this mod in paid, paywalled or hateful stuff.
    • Download

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