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:: Contributors and Thankies ::


Nhagiri for Idea, Pictures and Poses



:: About ::

Handmade Dakimakura (Body Pillow) with 16 various FFXIV themed designs (mainly offical artworks)

  • comes with 3 different options for the fabric appearance (default, soft cord, cord)-
  • on Plush Cushion
  • comes with a DIY.psd for your own ideas and designs.
  • Addon comes with 5 additional Designs, some are soft NSFW

[F0X] Dakimakura [+DIY and Addon]

  • Affects

    • Plush Cushion
  • Terms of Use

    - You are allowed to edit this mod for your own usage. --> See the DIY.psd
    - If you want to publish a mod based on this mod (retexturing, model edits, etc.) contact me BEFORE you do it. I might say yes...
    - You are NOT allowed to publish this mod or any parts of it on other platforms and/or call it your own work.
    - Do NOT use this mod in paid, paywalled or hateful stuff.
    - If you are not sure about something, need help or have ideas - feel free to contact me via Discord.

  • Download

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