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Somehwere back in time I needed an arrow for some poses that would not be glued to my hand and Scher made a quick port for me.
We decided to make it available for everyone and I added a few more options. Enjoy!

:: Options ::
- feather colors: default (brown), red, green, blue, bright or dark
... can be combined with
- glow: default (none), only tip, only feathers, feathers & tip, full glow, poisonous tip or blood red tip

Uses colorset rows 01 (tip), 10 (body) & 16 (feathers)

[F0X] E's Arrow

  • Contributor

    • SE for original mesh & base textures
    • Scherana for porting the first version of the item for me when I was a nooby bean
    • Myself for finding the base file again and finally put it up so everybody can use it
  • Affects

    • Adventure Basket
  • Rules

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