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[F0X] Lite Scales for TnF Gen3 Skin

  • Default Gen3 Skin with default or large Areola, with or without neck scales.


  • Choose between Titans muscle tones (Tight&Firm, Tight&Soft or Tight&Buff)
  • Default Gen3 or Tight&Sparkly Body Shimmer

Numbers will guide you through the options. If you select a [1] Skin option you will also have to select a [1] for muscle tone and a [1] for the body shimmer. -> [1] [1] [1] or [2] [2] [2] don't mix them.


[F0X] Lite Scales for Bibo+ 

on default Skin & Options

  • comes in SE Vanilla colors and B/W
  • can be installed with or without using Neckscales
  • contains Textures for Gen2 (Mat A), Bibo+ (_bibo) and Gen3 (Mat B)

[F0X] Lite Scales Installer Collection

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