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:: Contributors and Thankies ::


vermillion for letting me use the "Female Aura Collection" as a base and startpoint for these overlays.scherana for helping me with the normal mapsWestlaketea for letting me add the "Scales+" breast scales to my overlays.


:: About ::


<< This download is a free resource >>


  • "Lite Scales" are mainly reduced vanilla scales with some by hand repainted and reshaped edges and areas.
  • Scales of the hands, lower arms, the feets and lower legs got removed.
  • Scales around the will fit vanilla faces
  • Includes the small underbreast scales from WST Scales+
  • Raen & Xaela, Normals, Multi/Spec and Black & White overlays included
  • Contains modular PSD-files, you are able to select each scale on its own
  • The colors will fit with the faces and tails from Vermillions "Female Aura Collection" and Westlakes "Improved AuRa Tails"

[F0X] Lite Scales (Overlays)

  • Affects

    • fem Au'Ra Scales
  • Terms of Use

    Feel free to recolor them, modify them, use them with tattoos, skins or combine them with other scales.
    If you are going to upload a free public mod please give propper credit. (I will also link your mod on this page)

    Do not use them in paid, permanently paywalled or hateful stuff.
    Do not simply reupload the files somewhere else and call it your own work.

  • Download

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