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:: Contributors and Thankies ::


Edited base mesh by Adobe, texture designs made with Substance Painter
Nhagiri for Ideas, Poses and Dingsi-Dongsi-Leberkäs-Rollbrett
Zírd, Mint & Jenni for additional Pictures


:: About ::

The mods contain 2 shapes for the boards (Cruiser & Popsicle), 5 basic deck designs (see preview pictures), 6 different wheel colors and 2 colors for the trunks. You can mix & match them as you like.

New Board -> Zephyrus Zabuton
Used Board -> Plush Cushion


:: Customizing Informations ::


  • Uses 2k textures by default, uses material preset DiffuseSpecular by default
  • Mat A - Deck (A left / B right), Colorset Rows 5 (middle), 6 (deck), 7 (grip tape)
  • Mat B - Trucks & Wheels, Colorset Rows 5 (wheels), 6 (trucks), 7 (inner wheel / cover)

[F0X] Skateboards

  • Affects

    • New Board -> Zephyrus Zabuton
    • Used Board -> Plush Cushion
  • Terms of Use

    • You are allowed to:
      edit the files for your own private usage
      make designs & addons based on this mod and publish them FOR FREE
      [If you are going to publish a mod based on this give proper credit and contact me BEFORE you do it]


    • You are not allowed to:
      just copy my files and publish them as your own.
      reupload my files somewhere else.
      use this mod or parts of this mod in paid, paywalled or hateful stuff.
  • Download

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