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:: Contributors and Thankies ::


:: About ::


  • This installer contains some handdrawn soft, natural freckles for all tall females - except Au'Ra (they will get a different version), using Sofies "Face Defined".
  • DIFFUSES ONLY - For best results please install "Face Defined" before you use this mod.
  • I will offer you a bunch of different options for each race and face. If you want to customize the freckles, change the color or use your own makeup with them please take a look at the included .PSD files!


  • Was created to fit with my "[F0X] Sproesschen" body overlays


:: Name ::


  • Sprösschen (or Sproesschen) is a cute version of the german word "Sommersprosse" what means "Freckle" or "Ephelis". It was a nickname for me given by a friend. Yes, there is a reason for my name =D

[F0X] Sproesschen (Face Freckles)

  • Affects

    • Female Faces (tall females, no Au'Ra)
  • Terms of Use

    • You are allowed to edit the files for your own private usage.
    • You are not allowed to edit / copy my files and publish them as your own. If you like to use them for a mod contact me before you do it.
    • You are not allowed to reupload my files.
    • You are not allowed to use this mod in paid, paywalled or hateful stuff.
    • Please also take a look at Sofies permissions for "Face Defined"
  • Download

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