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:: Contributors and Thankies ::


  • Sel  - UnF3 & basic textures



:: About ::


  • These 3 installers will add my handdrawn soft, natural Sproesschen freckles to UnF3 skin materials. Please take a look under "Files"
  • You can choose between soft (very light and decent) or full (more intense) freckles.
  • For Au'Ra you can choose between scaleless Au'Ra, Au'Ra with scaleless necks or Au'Ra with full scales.



  1. [F0X] Sproesschen for UnF3 (no Au'Ra) – will only change diffuse fot midbased races, highbased races &Viera
  2.  [F0X] Sproesschen for UnF3 – Raen – will change diffuse, normal and specular
  3. [F0X] Sproesschen for UnF3 – Xaela – will change diffuse, normal and specular


  • UnF3 needs to be installed

Numbers will guide you through the options for Au'Ra. If you select a [1] Skin option you will also have to select a [1] for muscle tone and [1] for the body shimmer. -> Keep numbers the same, don't mix them.

If you want some further customization or use a Tattoo with them - please take a look at my [F0X] Sproesschen Overlays for Gen3 ( and B+ (


:: Name ::


  • Sprösschen (or Sproesschen) is a cute version of the german word "Sommersprosse" what means "Freckle" or "Ephelis". It was a nickname for me given by a friend. Yes, there is a reason for my name =D

[F0X] Sproesschen for UnF3

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