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:: Contributors and Thankies ::


  • Thanks to Scherana for letting me use her handmade Pythia skin in this mod



:: About ::


  • Some handdrawn soft, natural freckles for all tall females
  • This installer will let you install the Sproesschen Freckles (all freckles, no neck) for Scheranas Gen3 Pythia skin (includes MatA, MatB and _bibo) on all tall females races.
  • AuRa have the option to install the freckles
    a) scaleless version (like the original Pythia install),
    b) with Lite Scales with neckscales that will fit vanilla SE faces or
    c) with Lite Scales without neck scales (if you already use faces with scaleless necks).


:: Name ::


  • Sprösschen (or Sproesschen) is a cute version of the german word "Sommersprosse" what means "Freckle" or "Ephelis". It was a nickname for me given by a friend. Yes, there is a reason for my name =D

[F0X] Sproesschen for Pythia

  • Affects

    • Body Skin Material (tall females)
  • Terms of Use

    • You are allowed to edit the files for your own private usage.
    • You are not allowed to edit / copy my files and publish them as your own. If you like to use them for a mod contact me before you do it.
    • You are not allowed to reupload my files.
    • You are not allowed to use this mod in paid, paywalled or hateful stuff.
    • Follows the permissions of Scheranas [Moon] Pythia 2.0 - A Multi Size Gen3 Body 
    • If you want to use Pythia skin for creating your own mods please contact Scherana.
  • Download

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