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11/4/22 Update: Fixed an issue where the tank top with rolled sleeves jacket version wasn't displaying textures properly. Installer pictures have also been fixed to display correct body option. My bad!



The original mod for males was custom-made by Scherana! I merely ported it over to ladies. The bonus tank top featured in this mod is a mesh made by Mint and used with permission! Thank you to BOTH of them for trusting me with their creations! Also a thank you to Titan for the Gen3 TnF base body and to Scherana for the Pythia body variant! Lastly, a big ol' squeeze to Eleanor, who provided the lovely installer pictures!



  • It's the Lumberjack set, but for LADIES!
  • Includes most of the original variations, plus an extra tank top option!
  • Comes in ALL sizes of Pythia chest.
  • It dyes!
  • Made for tall ladies. Sorry, my sweet potatos. :C
  • Although I worked hard to minimize it, clipping may still occur in extreme poses!
  • The original mod by Scherana can be found here:


Questions? Found an issue that needs fixing? Feel free to contact me!

[ZIN] Lumberjack for Ladies (Gen3)

  • Affects

    Skyworker's Singlet

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All except Lalafell.

    Genders: Female.

  • Terms of Use

    Please refer to the original mod by Scherana for permissions. Please do NOT use in any form of paid content.

  • Downloads

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