A huge thanks to Anto for his textures and mesh
The one and only amazing Mint ☆ for this amazing and breathtaking duotone edit! Thank you so much dear And of course also Miss Misha for being this amazing model beside Mint


  • Version Default Duo tone
  • Model for no horn clipping on Horns for Face 1
  • Model for no horn clipping on Horns for Face 2
  • Earless Miqo'te Version


  • Very detailed mesh
  • Make sure to have no modded hair on hair 118 before, otherwise miqo'te ears will be broken
  • Werewolf Head compatible
  • Strong and playful weights on all races
  • Hand fitted to all heads and races with race specfic "tweaks"
  • Normal map is no resource and is handmade just as the highlights by me and Mint


Highlight Options

  • DUO TONE made by @Mint ☆ It will highlight each side of your hair, including the ears on Miqo'te
  • more than 5 additional highlight options on the Discord server and files for you to mix and match

[S] Anto's Effie