PW for the original mesh with which I messed
My wonderful and stunning AO Models, Mint, Justina and Misha for the preview pics!



  • Glowing Moon decora Unisex
  • Some Faces need special models which will then though look on the other faces more "floating" and not as tight as they are in the original version. If you still want them, grab them under the download link.
  • Dyes in game but I don't advice it XD


How to install the separate Faces: 

  • Install the Glowing Decora first
  • download whatever face you want
  • navigate in TT to "seneschal's monocle"
  • switch to model tab 
  • navigate in the drop down menu to the race you want 
  • click the three dots beside the "Import" button at the bottom
  • choose the separate face file you downloaded, hit import
  • DONE


[S] Glowing Moon Decora (Unisex)