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Pinterest for giving me the idea and Jaxx amazing earring hangers


  •  A fine earring design with a golden shell and modeled shell
  •  All races and genders
  •  might clip in extreme poses, can be posed with the "earring" option in cmt /ana

[S] Handmade Mermay Shell Earrings

  • Affects

    Opal Earrings of aiming


    If you want to change destination please make sure that the source item are the OPAL EARRINGS of Aiming, otherwise the result won't be fitted

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All

    Genders: Unisex

  • Terms of Use

    Feel free to port to other items for Personal use. To release please DM me first.
    Do NOT use in any form of PAID CONTENT!

  • Download

  • Update

    02.October 2021

    Fixed the modpack since it was confusing the items

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