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Nikki for the Mesh and Mint for providing it 

All my wonderful AO models!


  • Version Default 
  • Model for earless Miqo (will still need some kind of ears)
  • Model for adjustments on face 3 and 4 for Au'ra
  • Model Earless Miqo'te Version


  • Smoothed out Nikki Mesh (not as blocky as original especially on the head)
  • Make sure to have no modded hair on hair 110 before, otherwise miqo'te ears will be broken
  • Werewolf Head compatible
  • Hand fitted to all heads and races with race specfic "tweaks"
  • Soft weights and tip is separately adjustable for maximum posing fun
  • Normal map is no resource just as the spec

Race specific tweaks: 

  • Elezen: Adjusted to the ears 
  • Lala: adjusted to the ears 
  • Miqo'te full top head adjusted to reduce the visible "clipping" of the strands to a minimum
  • Viera, Miqo'te: sides adjusted to hide the missing earholes for the hair

[S] Let it Go (Hair)

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