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My oracle sisters, testern and my friends who helped me designing and improving them! Thanks to Ephe for the idea and a 
big love you to the whole AO server who helped with our "hit album" :D

Thank you also to MISHA for this absolutely insane wonderful Astral Oracles Hit Album cover and Mephina for this great rickroll cover!

A special thanks also to Wifi for those stunning rehade presets for the album cover, find more stuff on his twitter:

Also a huge thanks to Damon and Mephina for the au'ra and lala pic!


For: ALL (yes also Lala and Hrothgar)
Genders: Unisex


Comments Headphones:

  • handmodelled in blender
  • textured in substance
  • dyeable 
  • 11 textures to choose from (glow and non glow)
  • can be worn as "necklace" style or on head (due to race and in game limitations please keep in mind they might not 100% fit but I did as best as I could to give each race a chance)
  • comes in a prop version

Comments CD Case

  • handmodelled in blender
  • textured in substance
  • comes with 3 covers + 1 DIY Cover
  • DIY Kit for Photoshop


If you have any questions or issues please feel free to DM me or ping me in the server.

[S] Love Song Pack (Headphones + CD case Prop)

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