Astrild and TF for the body! AdobeStock and wingfree for the images

My wonderful AO girls for those amazing pics!


  • For: All tall females
  • Chests that are compatible: Gen3 TF / Freyja / Gersimi



  • Handfitted to the body (hence why only specific bodies)
  • glow color can be changed with row 16 in the colorset (emissive color)
  • WILL CLIP with too tight stuff around the body, I went as close to the skin as possible
  • adjust and edit to your own liking for private use

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to DM me or ping me in the server.

[S] Moonlit Tattoo Collection

  • Affects

    Platinum Paramour's Earrings


  • Races and Genders

    Races: All Talls

    Genders: Females

    Body:  TF3 / Freyja / Gersimi

  • Terms of Use

    Feel free to port to other items for Personal use. To release please DM me first. 
    Do NOT use in any form of PAID CONTENT!

    Do not upscale past TF's large!

  • Download