Titan firm for the skirt mesh. Corset provided by Kuru and the rest handmade. A huge and amazing thanks to all my oracle girls for helping, teaching and testing


  • For: All females (yes also lala)
  • Uses: Edit of TF3 and Freyja chest by me



  • dyeable
  • My first ever handmade stuff from scratch! A top that has stilla sexy flowy lacey skirt for all talls!
  • Since this is skin tight clipping may occur in extreme poses

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to DM me or ping me in the server.

[S] Sinful Whisper

  • Affects

    Spring Shirt


  • Races and Genders

    Races: All 

    Genders: Females

    Body:  Freyja + Gersimi Chest

  • Terms of Use

    Feel free to port to other items for Personal use. To release please DM me first.
    Do NOT use in any form of PAID CONTENT!

    Do not upscale past TF's large!

  • Download