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Thanks to Ephah for this wonderful UV unwrap and Ash our graphics oracle for this amazing design! Also the lovely FFXIV cover is the 2012 official art by the FFYIV Online Art team.

A big thanks to Ephe for preview and those super cute poses!

this is actually something special. Everyone has seen card props and letters, prepared to use as props but I have always missed the uniqueness, the, making it your own. So yes I made a prop, it's not super fancy BUT it's built so it's fully customisable . I added a video guide too, so everyone can fully change the pictures with simply any graphics program. One can add other pictures, own handwritten text, computer text, poems, this card can fully be individual and this is my gift to the community where everything gets copied and repeated to be more than this, be something unique. Each page can be changed and adjusted to fit your own specific situation.




- Card open or closed 

- 2 Default Designs (FFXIV or Ash's original design)


Pose pack now under the tab pose packs!


You wanna have your very own unique valentine's day card? Grab the DIY Kit and check out the video tutorial:


Are you a pose maker and used one of our props for poses? Contact us so we can link and add them!

[S] Valentine's Day Card and DIY Kit

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