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PW, DUTP for the assets, @Moogie [WM] for the once again amazing chain resources (beads in this case) Congrats to @Bellalyse for being the main preview model! Together with @Synzaphine @Ling @Bannapants21 and @Moogie [WM]



9 versions regarding the different colors Just try out and see what color variation fancies you.


For Modders:

Mat A is the "gold" color which you can change in the colorset (also if you want glow, with emission or non glow) (row 16) Mat B is the color of the jewels (row 16) (also if you want glow, with emission or non glow) (row 16) the blue Dahlia one has the full colorset of all jewels used, simply copy the row to the last one on the materials you want to change If there are any problems, please DM me or tag me in #help-doggo-on-fire


Thank you all so much for joining this short fun challenge! A special thanks to @Mint ☆ who designed the 2 collages with all our participants! You all look wonderful and I couldn't resist to give you all a place!

[S] Handmade Moon Crown

  • Affects

    Dahlia Corsages


  • Races and Genders

    Races: All Talls 

    Genders: Unisex

  • Download

Produktseite: Stores_Product_Widget
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