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 Everything included in this set is custom-made by me via MD, SP, and Blender. Credit (and a big thanks!) goes to Titan for his TnF Gen3 base body and to Scherana for her Pythia body variant! Another big thanks to talented Eleanor for the installer pictures! And one more big thanks to the AO models for the lovely shots they provided!



  • "Angel's Chorus" is a five-piece set, the "angelic" half of an October/Halloween 2022 collaboration between the delightful Scherana and I!
  • Includes a toga-style dress and bikini-style bottoms for modesty, as well as matching long gloves, leg decor for footwear, and a floating halo. (Halo has been adjusted a little for Viera to accomodate ears.)
  • Comes in both solid and sheer versions!
  • Made for tall ladies. (Will break gloves for Lalafell and males due to metadata changes, so sry.)
  • Available in all Pythia sizes! Mix and match as per your body preferences!
  • *Everything's optional!* Want only one piece of the set? I got you, fam.
  • Cloth bits are dyeable, as well as the forehead jewels on the halo!
  • Although I worked hard to minimize it, clipping may still occur in extreme poses!


Want to collect the whole set? Find Scherana's devilish counterpart HERE!


Questions? Found an issue that needs fixing? Feel free to contact me!

[ZIN] Angel's Chorus (Gen3)

  • Affects

     Angelic Halo replaces Angelic Circlet
     Angelic Top replaces Angelic Wings
     Angelic Bottoms replace Angelic Slops
     Angelic Gloves replace Angelic Chaplets
     Angelic Footwear replaces Angelic Thighboots

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All except Lalafell.

    Genders: Female.

  • Terms of Use

    Private edits or ports to other bodies are fine, but due to the mesh being handmade, please ask prior to releasing. Do NOT use in any form of paid content.

  • Downloads

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