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I made none of this, I simply ported it and tidied things up a bit for ffxiv! Credit and thanks for the original port goes to Vithar @ DeviantArt. Origin of the port is Overhit. Credit and big thanks to Scherana for the Pythia body variant and to Titan for the Gen3 Tight&Firm base body!



  • Textures aren't the finest, but I'm on a quest to clean out my folder of "to-do" ports!
  • The outfits are built around Pythia's default (medium) chest and the default booty.
  • Made for tall ladies!
  • Although I did my best to eliminate them, clips might occasionally occur!
  • CECILIA SPICY is a -sexy combat leotard- with optional bolero jacket, armored pauldrons, and armored gauntlets (or bracers instead), and thigh-high footwear. (Please NOTE that the leotard will disable all leg gear.)
    Leotard replaces Scion Liberator's Jacket
    Gloves replace Scion Liberator's Fingerless Gloves
    Footwear replaces Scion Liberator's Sabatons
  • CECILIA STRICTLY is a Lolita Military-esque dress, with optional thigh-high boots. The dress and boots come with three different diffuse color options.
    Dress replaces Oracle Top
    Boots replace Oracle Leggings


Questions? Found an issue that needs fixing? Feel free to contact me!

[ZIN] Cecilia, Strictly Spicy (Gen3)

  • Affects

    Please see description for affected gear!

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All except Lalafell.

    Genders: Female.

  • Terms of Use

    I claim no ownership for this port, so do what you like, but please respect the actual owner by not paywalling any edits or ports to other bodies.

  • Downloads

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