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This is simply a requested port of Nimpy's "Cover Me With Lilies" mod to the Pythia body! A big "thank you" goes to them for the gorgeous mod! Credit for the original Gen3 TnF base body goes to Titan Firm and credit for the Pythia body variant goes to Scherana [The Moon]. Another big thank you to them!



  • Every size variant is included, as well as an optional white version of the lilies that can also be dyed to whatever other single color you might prefer your lilies to be!
  • The original Bibo+ version of Nimpy's mod can be found on their XMA page!


Questions? Found an issue that needs fixing? Feel free to contact me!

[ZIN] Cover Me In Lilies (Pythia Port)

  • Affects

    Black Summer Top
    Black Summer Tanga

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All but Lalafell.

    Genders: Females.

  • Terms of Use

    Please refer to the original mod for permissions!

  • Downloads

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