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 Square Enix. Titan Firm for the Tight&Firm Gen3 body and hands and Tsar for TheBody SE body and hands. All my Oracle girls for helping keep me hype, as well as our gorgeous models and testers! Also an extra thank you to Sanuien for the use of their screenshots, plus bringing an issue to my attention!



Quickfixes applied: Corrected the weights for Midlander-based male gloves. Compatibility issue with Legacy Marks fixed, thanks Tauri!


  • Forum Chic are the glorious robes worn by the Sharlayan Forum, ported over for personal use!
  • Upscaled textures! Dyeable! Unisex! Racewide!
  • Fancy hat! (Disclaimer: May not play well with modded hair. Viera and Hrothgar disabled by default due to clipping issues.)
  • Fancy glove options! Go for default gloves, rings only (with or without false nails), or both!
  • Option to have the robe be a single combined piece of gear or in two separate pieces, for mix and matching!
  • Midlander-based male robes shaped to Tsar's TheBody SE and females (except Lalafell) shaped to Titan Firm's medium T&F chest, but otherwise have vanilla compability!
  • Midlander-based male gloves fit to Tsar's TheBody SE hands and females (except Lalafell) fit to Titan Firm's hands. Requisite textures will be needed for gloves to work. (All non-Midlander-based males and Lalafell ladies are vanilla compatable).
  • I've done my best to reduce it, but some minor clipping might occur. Clipping may also occur with extreme poses.
  • Feel free to do whatever you want with it, it belongs to Square Enix, I just ported and played around with it!

[ZIN] Forum Chic (Gen3)

  • Affects

    One Piece:
    Angelic Wings

    Two Pieces:
    Scion Adventurer's Jacket (top), Scion Adventurer's Bottoms (bottom)

    Fancy Hat:
    Angelic Circlet

    Default Gloves:
    Angelic Chaplets

    Rings Only, without false nails:
    New World Armlets

    Rings Only, with false nails:
    False Nails

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All

    Genders: All

  • Terms of Use

    Do as you like with it, although if you feel like crediting me with the original port, I'd certainly appreciate it!

  • Downloads

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