Credit and a BIG LOVING THANK YOU goes to Nighty for letting me use her handmade mesh for the dress! I simply ported and decided to make use of a lot of fun Halloween prints I found. Also lots of love to Titan and Astrild for the TnF Gen3 base body and for the Freyja model!


  • Just a little something I put together for some Halloween fun!
  • For all tall ladies.
  • Eight different spooky diffuse options!
  • Each one's dyeable, although results may vary.
  • As always, nothing's perfect, but I try!
  • It's a very tight dress, so certain poses might cause wardrobe malfunctions!
  • Built on a medium-breasted Freyja body. Note that since Freyja has proportions similar to vanilla, accessories designed for slimmer wrists and/or ankles may clip.
  • Textures are not a resource.

[ZIN] Night's Calling (Halloween Edition) (Gen3)

  • Affects

    Witch's Coatee. (Can be changed upon import.)

  • Races and Genders

    Races: Tall Females

    Genders: Tall Females

  • Terms of Use

    Being as this mesh was made by a friend, please ask permission before making private edits, porting, and/or if you'd like to release said things.
     NOT use in any form of PAID CONTENT!

  • Downloads