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SonyaSims for the beautiful mesh and Mint for the beautiful textures!

All my lovely models at AO!


  • POWERFUL highlights! Use contrasting colors for a dramatic look or use complimentary shades for a lighter one!
  • Make sure to have no modded hair on hair 162 before, otherwise Miqo'te ears will be broken.
  • Werewolf head compatible! Not fancy hat compatible though, sadly.
  • Hand-fitted to all heads and races!
  • Bangs weighted independently from braid for maximum *sway.*
  • Textures are not a resource.
  • Lots of wisp action going on here, so some clipping with collars is inevitable.

[ZIN] Rapunzel

  • Affects

    Hair 162 for all, except Viera. Hair 13 for Viera. Can be changed upon importing into TT.

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All

    Genders: Female

  • Terms of Use

    Feel free to port to males or feel free to request port to males. If you want to release, please DM beforehand.
     NOT use in any form of PAID CONTENT!

  • Downloads

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