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I made this on a weird, slightly THC-fueled whim. It took on a life of its own! Everything is custom-made by me, except for Scherana's boot base, which she allowed me to modify, and the beautiful, optional thigh-band accessory, which Scherana made exclusively for this outfit! Credit goes to Titan for the original TnF Gen3 base body and to Scherana for the lovely Pythia variant! Thank you also to Ephelides for the gorgeous installer pictures included in the modpack! ♥



  • It's kind of a Bondsgirl meets Go Go dancer meets hot alien from the original Star Trek oufit, with middriff, single-button blouse over a bikini-esque top with chain metal straps and a detached collar, and a flirty little miniskirt with a bikini-esque bottom with more metal straps.
  • I've also made some spicy thigh-high boots to go with it! Only the leather is dyeable, but the color of the laces can be changed via colorset row 5!
  • It's sparkly! At least, the blouse, skirt, and thigh-band are sparkly. The bikini is no sparkles.
  • Made for tall ladies!
  • Plenty of mix and matching options!
  • Please see notes provided for each option for dye details.
  • Although I did my best to eliminate them, clips might occasionally occur!


Questions? Found an issue that needs fixing? Feel free to contact me!

[ZIN] Shiny! (Gen3)

  • Affects

    The Shiny! Top replaces Endless Summer Top
    The Shiny! Bottoms replace Endless Summer Bottoms
    The Shiny! Boots replace Endless Summer Sandals

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All except Lalafell.

    Genders: Female.

  • Terms of Use

    Private edits or ports to other bodies are fine, but due to the mesh being handmade, please ask prior to releasing. Do NOT use in any form of paid content.

  • Downloads

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