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Credit for the original mesh goes to SonyaSims, as well as a ton of thanks for allowing us to port it over! Credit for the textures goes to my beautiful friend and server partner, Mint! And credit for helping me test this monster and helping collect patterns for scrunchies goes to my fantastic Astral Oracle angels, who we appreciate endlessly for their tireless work!


  • Tutti Fruitti is a cute, chic ponytail that hangs low over the shoulder, cinched with a scrunchie, with long, sweeping bangs to help frame your absolutely gorgeous face. Everything's been gently weighted, so it has soft, realistic bounce, and the original highlights were kept for a sunny look.
  • Replaces hair 101 on all ladies, but you can change this location upon import.
  • Earless Miqote option included!
  • Hats no work, I am sorry. :C But werewolf ears do.
  • I've custom-fitted the hair to each race, so some variations may exist to avoid clipping issues. In some cases, I wasn't capable of avoiding clipping through long ears--I am sorry again!
  • Scrunchie is black by default, but this can be changed by navigating to the colorset for 'Material C' and changing the 'Diffuse Color' of row 16. ***Note that with the possible exception of Miqote and/or Viera, the hair textures for most races are under FEMALE MIDLANDER.***
  • Textures are not a resource.

[ZIN] Tutti Fruitti

  • Affects

    Hair 101

  • Races and Genders

    Races: All

    Genders: Female

  • Terms of Use

    Feel free to port to males or feel free to request port to males. If you want to release, please DM beforehand.
     NOT use in any form of PAID CONTENT!

  • Downloads

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